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Call Casting v2 – Migos

Catégorie : Rap

Call Casting ringtone:

Woo woo woo woo woo
Packs (Pack)
I paid the ticket, get you wacked (Brrr)
I chop the brick with the axe (Hey)
The Cookie smellin like a casket (Cookie)
I'm sellin' crack in my Rafs (Crack)
Put the addy in the nav (Addy)
You steady poppin' even though its capped (Cap)
I hit the jungle and then adapt
30 thousand on the couch (30 bars)
All my bitches from my app (app)
Instagram and the Snap (Snap)
I bet a hundred on the craps (Crap)
I'm good on shawty, do without
She fucking niggas for the check (Check)
Imma only get the mouth
I bought a Lambo crossover on a bitch
I poured a four, Actavis
Walk in Goyard, got a bag for my bitch
Won't get a kiss cause I know you suck dick
Spend you hundred Philippe on your wrist (Patek)
Twenty-five pointers, one fist (Points)
Twenty-five bitches on list (25)
Kilo ten rubber band grip (Brrr)

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