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Don’t Rush – Young T, Bugsey

Catégorie : Rap

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Aight yo, put the Beller on the bite and make it clutch
Seen the worst, now she wanna give clutch
Boy got Ps, now she hopping in the pod
Man in real life, sugar gyal them haffi get wopped (yeah)
Know she want Doc, told her, "Meet me at the top"
Switching lanes the other day, I seen her waiting for a bus
Baby this a Montclair sweater, Diesel denim
Buy another when my pockets fat like Heather
Neck froze like I don't know no better
Benzo truck, white seats and they leather
Go broke never, on my grind
She make it clap like I'm Busta Rhymes
I got the juice, the sauce and all them things
I blammed her twice and neither wore my bling
Big Benz, I drive, I brought that ting
And any girl you want, they want my ting


Don't rush, slow touch (whoa)
Brown on white, like I go cunch (hey)
Gyal run by, like I'm gone buss (buss)
Eye for eye, like I lose trust (lose trust)
White rum, fizzy pop (pop)
Where you dey go go? When dey go up
Catch my vibe (vibe), let me go off (off)
Clammed her twice, man it's so tough





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