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First Love Ringtone

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Ringtone First Love - Lost Kings, Sabrina Carpenter Free Download For Android, IOS

Sabrina Carpenter loses herself in the glimmer of young romance alongside Lost Kings on their collaborative single, “First Love.” The “Why” singer is the latest pop act to team up with the Los Angeles duo for a club-ready anthem, and she shines on the tight production.

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“Just like first love, you give everything, and you give too much. Just like first love, you don’t really care if it hurts a lot,” she croons as synths build up underneath her earnest delivery. After reaching a dizzying pinnacle the beat drops out and comes back in sounding more joyful than ever before. The accompanying music video First Love - Lost Kings, Sabrina Carpenter was shot in New York City and alternates between footage of the trio on the streets in the city, interacting with fans and performing onstage. Shot in soft focus and with a brilliant filter that flashes bright lights along with the beat line, it is a festive and carefree effort.

First Love Ringtone Lyrics:

I can't really tell
Why there's hills on my skin
When you're whispering
All your intentions
I don't really know
Why my heart skips a beat
When you get too close
Oh, it's almost

[Pre-Chorus: Sabrina Carpenter]
Just like first love
You give everything
And you give too much
Just like first love
You don't really care if it hurts a lot
When it's all done
You look back and know it was worth it all
Worth it all
We'll never forget how it feels now

[Chorus: Sabrina Carpenter]
Just like first love
Just like first love
When it's all done
Just like first love

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