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Let You Down – NF

Catégorie : Hip-Hop, Rap

Let You Down - NF Ringtone:

Yeah, I guess I'm a disappointment, doin' everything I can
I don't wanna make you disappointed, it's annoying
I just wanna make you feel like everything I ever do was never tryna make an issue for you
But I guess the more you thought about everything you were never even wrong in the first place, right?
Yeah, I'ma just ignore you
Walking towards you with my head down, lookin' at the ground, I'm embarrassed for you
Paranoia, what did I do wrong this time?
That's parents for you
Very loyal?
Shoulda had my back, but you put a knife in it—my hands are full
What else should I carry for you?
I cared for you, but...

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