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Mi Gna – Maître Gims, Super Sako

Catégorie : Hip-Hop

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Kez xndrum em mi gna
Mi gna gna gna
Mna im grkum mna
Im grkum mna mna
Srtis sere ktam kez
Menak koghkis du lines
Srtis sere ktam kez
Menak koghkis du lines


Ah, you hear me
Mister Super Sako
Soup tank coups in Morocco
Why we keep it gangsta I move like a vato
I am the king you're the queen of my castle
Give you everything if I got to
Yeah, I know you love me like French toast
Pacific Coast moving in the drop coast
You put your makeup on I gotta drive slow
I notice life I'm living left you heart broke
Also, mind over matter
I'm pay them no mind and you all that matter
I messed up our hatchet let's sweet on a Saturday
Forget what they had to say

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