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Monster – Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber

Catégorie : Pop

Télécharger Sonnerie Monster - Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber:


But what if I, what if I trip?
What if I, what if I fall?
Then am I the monster?
Just let me know
And what if I, what if I sin?
And what if I, what if I break? Yeah
Then am I the monster? Yeah
Just let me know, yeah


I was fifteen when the world put me on a pedestal
I had big dreams of doin' shows and making memories
Made some bad moves tryin' to act cool, upset by their jealousy, uh
Liftin' me up (Liftin' me up), liftin' me up (Yeah)
And tearin' me down (Down), tearin' me down (Down, down, yeah)
I'll take responsibility for everything I've done (Yeah)
Holdin' it against me like you're the holy one (Yeah)

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