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Piccolo – Gato, Booba, Bramsito

Catégorie : Hip-Hop

Piccolo - Gato, Booba, Bramsito Sonneries Gratuit:


Never, never we gon' let these niggas win (never)
I can't sleep at night, dreamin' of my sins (I can't)
My momma cried to me, she found my shoe box full with dope (Oh)
Check under my bed, shе find a rifle with a scope (No)
When I'm in thе streets, I got the sun on me (On me)
'Cause you never know who's gonna tryna to take your vie
Lost a lot of zanmi, I can't even fuckin' compter
Drive-by's all the time, done honey bow hood fuckin' chauffer
I just got a text from my old lady, she says "sal"
Those that said they loved you barely know you, that shit cap
Just because they smart, they say they like you, don't be fooled
Keep that Uzi on you, fuck these niggas, don't be cool, yo

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