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Senseless – Stefflon Don

Catégorie : Rap

Senseless - Stefflon Don Sonnerie Paroles:


All ya friend just a try
Watch mi style
Any man me a take
Me know me get spoilt
How you make my thing come great
Five minus four
Seven days of the week, weak
Them couldn't never be pretty from me head, shoulder and me knee
Any picture me a post
Them post have fa peer
Gyal dis
Get dead and buried
Bout dis
And get sent to the cemetary
Muny pun mi mind
Pussy pink like hawk
Any man mi a fuck
Hafi beg mi na stop
Ring pon mi finger
Balmain pon mi lock
When DON touch road
Every gyal face drop
Number one, inna da good look book
Dem made cah she and her madda nah look good
A ten thing
Nothing pon mi body ever broke

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